Rise Sport Announces 2014-2015 NBA Sunglasses Collection | Rise Sport iWear

What's Good

Rise Sport, a Brooklyn, NY based sunglasses company specializing in custom-designed sports fashion eyewear, has partnered with Miss Fanatic, an official NBA licensee, to present its 2015 NBA collection.

This NBA Collection, available in all 30 teams, features the WrapAround style with patterned designs in team colors on a translucent wayfarer, a Team Camo style on transparent wayfarer with black stems, featuring a Camo pattern and team logo blended into lenses with lens printing technology, which does not impede wearer’s vision, and the Pilot Aviator with individual team logos etched into its lenses utilizing new lens etching technology rounds out the collection. The collection is now available at store.nba.com


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