About | Rise Sport iWear


Rise Sport is a Brooklyn, NY-based brand specializing in custom-designed luxury sunglasses and other wearable products which integrate original art and creative designs. 
Our Rise Art & Design Collections integrate original art and designs from collaborations with visual artists and designers into our fully
customizable frames, resulting in wearable eye art. 
Our Sports Collections are created from artistic designs and team patterns giving our sports customers fashionable, lifestyle products
that make them stand out in a sea of other sports fans. 
Each of our products from our online shop is made-to-order, which makes each one uniquely different. Because of this, additional processing time may be required.
@ Rise Sport, we whole-heartedly believe that the culture of art, sports, entertainment & fashion is ever-changing, is always dynamic, is never static & is naturally transformative.  We believe individuals create our national and international community, so there must be varying opinions, ideas, talents and skills, all of which will keep our audiences on the edge of their seats and calling for more.